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  JR Junior Dragster body JRB-1 $ 949.
JR Jr. Dragster Fenders pr. JRB-2P $ 399.
23 Wedge, Seat, Nose Pkg. TTP-23 $1199.
23 Altered Wedge Body TTY-23W $ 999.
23 Altered Seat SEA-1 $159.
23 Roadster Seat SEA-2 $159.
23 Altered Nose TTY-23N $129.

All Items are American Made Fiberglass Components. Manufactured and shipped F.O.B. Riverview Florida 33578

Altered Wedge Race Body

                                                          Rotate Image                  Installed Photos

Altered Wedge Specifications:
Firewall Size 21" T x 24" W
Firewall to Cockpit 28"
Cockpit Opening 36"L x 21"W
Roll Under Flange 7"
Width @ airfoil 56"
Foil Height 3.5"
Differential opening 24.5"
Tire Coverage 15"
Rear Wheel Opening 39"
Overall Length 93"
Wedge Body Rear

                                                                Installed Photos
  For nearly a decade the Altered has been the most economical way to build an all horse power, no weight, race car.  The only problem with these bodies, has been their aerodynamics. Up until now, regardless of where you purchased one they were all basically the same size and shape. The NEW  Altered Wedge by U.S. BODY SOURCE will get your rubbers out of the air stream by giving you 7 more inches of tire coverage, than a conventional altered, and still maintains 25" differential opening.  The cockpit is a whopping 22" x 37" while the drivers opening is finished with a rolled edge, that actually rolls down into the compartment.  A rear spoiler has been designed to produce just the right amount of down force at top speeds.  Also, for appearance, seams are eliminated from the door and trunk areas.
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 For those of you needing to simply update your appearance we have designed the bottom edge to roll under 7 inches so the body should mount to any conventional chassis without major modifications.  The mold used to produce these bodies are steel reinforced and have been professionally designed for years of production.  This allows for each body to come out as clean and as straight as the one before it.

   Altered Nose
 Race Weight Features:
- 34" Inside Length
- 21.5" Inside Width
- 2" Outside Flange

Altered nose

           Altered Nose              

 Junior Dragster
 Race Weight Features:
- 102" Overall Length
- 27" wide at rear tires

Junior Dragster

Rear Fender
Blanked in grill
                  Rear Fender                         Blanked in Grill

More installation photos

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