Do it yourself!!!
       It's easy - Once you know the tricks that the body shops don't
                                            want us to divulge.

Installing a scoop yourself - can be a self satisfying experience, getting you away from
the wrenches for a bit.  In addition, if you do it yourself, you'll know the job was done
right & not tilted or crooked.
(Please note -Fiberglass scoops WILL NOT stick to a steel hood
for any length of time.)

Following is a list of the stuff you'll need to accomplish this task.
Fiberglass mat
Plastic Spreader / squeegee
1 pint Polyester resin w / hardener
1 pint Body filler (Polyester based) w / hardener
40 - 80 & 120 Grit sand paper
Sabre Saw or Carbon wheel
Tape Measure
Permanent Marker
Safety Equipment  as recommended on the materials safety guidelines.

*Common Sense is also handy!  
Please remember - fiberglass is flammable and the dust is toxic.

For point of reference this project took us only 30 minutes (remember we do this everyday). We
were done and primed before the inside glass even had a chance to fully cure.

Place your new scoop on the hood. Trim off the base flange of the scoop. Center the scoop from side to side & mark a trim line that contours with the hood.
Double check the   centering & trim at the contour line. Once trimmed - check height on both sides. Trace base of scoop. Remove scoop & cut a hole for air flow above carb.
Rough up the inside of the scoop and hood surface-inside line. Securely tack scoop inplace with body filler. From inside the airhole-fiberglass the scoop to the hood.
Cover inside of base w/at least 2 layers of mat or cloth. Sand around base with 40 grit - removing all gellcoat sheen. Without using too much hardener glob body filler around base.
With a cut down squeegee wipe neatly around base. You should end up with a smooth clean radius. Before it hardens-scrape off all the excess filler.


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