The Heavy Duty TECHHOOD™ difference

 Superior construction makes a superior product 

The hoods top finish is made with a gray custom blended sandable type of gellcoat. Designed exclusively for superior paint adhesion.  
  The micro-pores in this gellcoat are easily sanded and powder off just like a high quality primer which allows for excellent primer adhesion. 


After the gellcoat layer is applied to the mold,  a layer of fiberglass mixed with resin is applied, by machine, followed by hand rolling to reduce the chance of air pockets.  Then a sheet of 2 mil Coremat® is hand laid in the proper location.  This core material reduces the amount of "print thru" which could eventually appear on the surface. 
 Next, another layer of fiberglass is applied by machine then hand rolled again to insure consistency.  The final coat is a superior grade of fiberglass mat - which is laid in by hand. 

Cowl Induction

Super Sport

Ram Air II


  The hood's inner liner is manufactured with the same care and concern as the hoods outer skin.  Steel anchor nuts are used in the hinge area, steel plates and latch pins are used in the latching area.  
 The entire inner liner is smooth, gellcoated and ready to be primed and painted.


  These 2 panels are then assembled in our jigs and left at least 24 hours to cure.  The layers of the hood - except where attached are separated by an approximate 3/8" air space. 


This air space insulates insulates the hoods outer skin from engine compartment heat- which in turn reduces the chance of "print thru" or rippling that can occur years later.   
Note: Edges come long and all scoops come closed to allow for proper individual fitting and alignment.  

  These methods of manufacturing  produce a far superior product  compared to others in this industry.
Note ( The 67-81 Firebird model requires the original striker plate be removed from the original hood and reinstalled in the fiberglass model)

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