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Miscellaneous Part Pictures
All Items are American Made Fiberglass Components


S-2      Aero Scoop 33L x 6.5 T x 18 W

S-3      Aero Scoop 40L x 10 T x 18W

TS-1      Torp. Scoop 48L x 8T x 18W

TS-2      Torp. Scoop 51L x 10T x 18W

Body Mount Rubber  3" x 24" 1/2" ID
SEA-1      Seat - Altered style
SEA-2      Seat - Roadster style
Wheel Tubs 22" D x 39" Dia/ pair
Part #     UTR  (Sold Each) Trailor Fender 55-66 Chevy Stepside Style

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