All Scoops & Baffles arrive closed but can be easily be opened.

  Customers agree that opening the rear baffles  on a TECHHOOD™ can lower the engine temperature by 3-8 on a hot day.  When opening the rear baffles, leave about 1/2" of the flat area facing both the driver and the engine allowing for integral strength and mounting of an expanded mesh screen (NOT SUPPLIED) to keep out leaves and debris,  if desired.  

  When opening the scoops on a GT-500 / RAM AIR II / SUPER SPORT hood, be sure to leave a 3/8" nub around the scoop opening and about 1/2" nub on both side to retain structural integrity and provide a location to attach the front screen (Not supplied)  This may sound really stupid, however, we found that  plastic eave soffet covers, found at a local hardware store, cut to fit our scoop openings worked really well.  they generally come in white, black or brown - they don't rust - and they have fine mesh to keep out insectivore road kill.

  If you choose to open the forward facing scoops, the inner frame panel must also be opened to allow air to flow thru into the engine compartment.  Otherwise all of the ram air will be forced into the hoods insulating air space -  causing severe structural damage.

  No specific air box is available for these hoods.  However, most metal shops would jump at the chance to bend one up out of polished stainless.

  Fiberglass is itchy, scratchy, flammable and not intended to be inhaled.  Use and wear the proper safety equipment when working with these materials.  

Tools recommended for this task:
Drill (with a VERY dull 3/16 bit - to avoid cracking)

High Speed Die Grinder (equipped with a router tip or   carbon wheel.)
40-60-80 grit sand paper


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