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       Special Order Only
55-59 Cab-Small Window FCGA-59 $6599. 55-59 Cab no floor-Small W FCG-33 $2299.
55-59 Cab-Large Window FCGA-59B $6599. 55-59 Cab no floor-Large W FCG-33B $2299.
55-59 Dash Blank FCGS-59D $ 299. 55-59 Drag Package FCG-33DP $3899.
55-56 Tilt Front End FCGI-56 $1899. 55-59 Dash Blank FCG-33Z $ 299.
55-56 Pre-Split Tilt Front End FCGI-56P $1999. 55-56 Stock Hood Add a new scoop
for as little as  $50 w / purchase.
FCG-17 $ 399.
55-56 Tilt Front 3" Cowl Induc. FCGI-56C $1899. 57 Stock Hood Add a new scoop
for as little as  $50 w / purchase.
FCG-18 $ 399.
55-56 Pre-Split Tilt 3 " Cowl FCGI-56CP $1999. 58-59 Stock Hood Add a new scoop
for as little as  $50 w / purchase.
FCG-19 $ 399.
57 Tilt Front End FCGI-57 $1899. 55-56 One Piece Front End FCG-71 $1499.
57 Pre-Split Tilt Front End FCGI-57P $1999. 55-56 OPFE 3" Cowl Induct. FCG-71C $1499.
57 Tilt Front 3" Cowl Induc. FCGI-57C $1899. 57 One Piece Front End FCG-72 $1499.
57 Pre-Split Tilt 3 " Cowl FCGI-57CP $1949. 57 OPFE 3" Cowl Induct. FCG-72C $1499.
58-59 Tilt Front End FCGI-58 $1899. 58-59 One Piece Front End FCG-73 $1499.
58-59 Pre-Split Tilt Front End FCGI-58P $1999. 58-59 Front Fenders pr. FCG-42 $ 778.
55-66 Stepside Fenders pr. FCGF-59 $ 778. 55-59 Doors pr. FCG-62D $ 798.
58-59 Front Fenders pr. FCGF-58 $ 798. 55-59 Door skins pr. FCG-63K $ 398.
55-57 Front Wheel Wells pr. FCGW-55 $ 398. 55-66 Stepside Bedsides 6' FCG-55B $ 899.
55-59 Doors pr. FCGD-59 $ 898. 55-66 Stepside Fenders pr. FCG-45 $ 778.
55-66 Stepside Bed 6' w/Fdr FCGB-55S $3999. 55-66 Stepside Steps pr. sw FCG-45S $ 229.
55-66 Above Bed Tubbed FCGB-55T $3999. 55-59 Cameo Bed Kit FCG-56 $1499.
55-59 Cameo Bed Kit FCGK-56 $1699. 55-59 Cameo Rear Bumper FCG-57B $ 389.
55-59 Above Kit w/Bed FCGB-56C $3999.        
55-59 Cameo Rear Bumper FCGB-57B $ 389.

All Items are American Made Fiberglass Components. Manufactured and shipped F.O.B. Riverview Florida 33578

55-59 Large Window Cab 55-59 Small Window Cab

 55-59 Cabs    Short Wheel Base 114"  -  Long Wheel Base 117.5"         Installed Photos
 Heavy Duty Features:
 - One Piece Outer shell construction - with a few well hidden mold seams.
 - Smooth, easy to prep and paint, gray sandable exterior gellcoat finish.
 - Aluminum plate reinforced firewall & door hinge areas provides the necessary strength for 
   proper support of factory doors & hardware.
 - Marine Grade Pressure treated floor support beams are sealed into the fiberglass and covered 
   with black lacquer finish. 
 - The unit arrives bare without dash, doors or any mechanical or electrical devices.
 - Headliner is supplied and comes with a smooth paintable gellcoat interior finish. 
   (Comes  separately  and requires professional installation.) 
 - Detailed cowl vent allows for quick, easy opening. . . there is even a gutter to drain the 
   collecting water
 - Light Weight Model comes with out floor and firewall
 Race Cab Photos This unit is solely intended for serious racing applications. Tube chassis and metal interior work is required. Approx. weight 50#     
 - Drag-Package Includes: Race Weight Cab, Front End, Doors & Bedsides or Stepside fenders. Please e-mail or call us after placing your order. Reference your order number and specify your choice of hood and bedside or fender choice by part number. You MUST specify your type of racing so the parts can be made accordingly. Race weight parts only.

Aluminum Reinforced Door Jams Fully reinforced firewall. Smooth Gellcoat Exterior - Door sold seperately
Note: Factory installed floor braces may need to be trimmed or removed for desired fit.
  Cabs - although strong, straight, rust free & reliable - are not the project for the average "Joe". They are intended for the serious "Ground Up Builder" who has the time, money & experience to do the job correctly.  

        All safety concerns must be taken up with the chassis shop involved with the project.  

  Once finished these cabs look exceptional and should just about last forever, however, sit down and Please give some serious thought before ordering........We prefer that our customers be confident & educated in the amount of work required to complete this project and secure in the choice that you make.
 Please Note: We are unable to ship cab shells. They must be picked up in person to avoid freight damage.
55-56 Front End 57  Front End 58-59 Front End

55-56 Front End

57 Front End 

 58-59 Front End

  Installed Photos Installed Photos

                                         55-57 Front End 3.5" Cowl Induction

   55-59 Front End Features:
Heavy Duty version - comes complete with hinge kit  - Grey exterior gellcoat finish can be easily sanded and
   prepared for finishing.
 - Order Anytime, Click listing at top of page.
 - Smooth 90° roll into wheel well openings, generally
   extends in a full  ¾".
 - Headlight blanks require opening to install light bowl
   and trim.
 - The units do come with mold flashing - which must be
   fared in before preparing for paint. 
Pre-Split Front End models come with the lower
   fender section
(the part between the door and tire)
It is manufactured with a mating edge (55-57edge is
    flat / 58-59 edge is tongue and groove) on both the panel and
    the front end, to
help in closing.

 - One Piece Front Ends do need the rear fender panel to be cut in order to utilize the hinge kit
   supplied.....They can be made to slide forward than tilt without cutting the fender, however, this
   depends on the tire size and will involve detailed planning and fabrication on the installers part.
 - The interior finish is Fiberglass texture - coated in black lacquer - it comes without wheel wells.
    Wheel wells cannot be completely attached to the front end as they will interfere with engine &
    firewall component, when hinging.

 - Light Weight Version - is intended for racing applications and does not come with a hinge kit.    
 - These unit generally only weigh in at approx 30#  +/- .  
 - Pre-Split models are not available in Light Weight.

NOTE:  When ordering Light Weight version truck racing components are "Special Order" and 
            Non Returnable. 

 IMPORTANT - Please specify the type of racing that the unit will be used for, so we may build and reinforce your unit accordingly. Units manufactured for "Mud Bog" racing have a heavier roving on all edges to reduce the chance of tearing (under to stress of impact and mud load) and usually weigh 
10 - 15# more than a Drag Racing unit.  Units manufactured for "Sand Drag" or "Baja" style racing are built so as to be midway between the Street Drag and the Mud Bog units.

All Glass Jet Powered '57 57 Stock Hood 58-59 Stock Hood
 57 Stock Hood
 Race Weight Features:
 - Smooth gray gellcoat
   exterior finish. 
 - Complete with rolled side
 - Only available in light 
   weight lift off design.
 - Add a new scoop w / purchase.
 58-59 Stock Hood
 Race Weight Features:
 - Smooth gray gellcoat
   exterior finish. 
 - Complete with rolled side
 - Only available in light 
   weight lift off design.
 - Add a new scoop for as little as $50 w /

Installed Photos
58-59 Front Fender
 58-59 Front Fender                  Installed Photos
 Heavy Duty Features:
 - Smooth gray gellcoat exterior finish..
 - Original style back brace w/lower anchor bolt for
    simple installation.
 - Order Anytime, Click listing at top of page.
 - Fiberglass texture, Black lacquer inner finish.
 - Hood Jam holes, Light plug and attaching points must
   be opened for installation.
 - Mold flashing must be removed or finishing.
Smooth Rear Stepsides

55-66 Stepside Fender
 - Smooth gray gellcoat exterior
   finish - Fiberglass textured
   Black Lacquer inner.
 - Smooth 90° roll into wheel well
 - Rear flange holes come closed
   and require back drilling for
   correct alignment.
Smooth Gellcoat finish Detailed Inner

 55-59 Door - Hinge Type                       Installed Photos

 Heavy Duty Features:
 - Smooth grey gellcoat finish both inside and out.
 - Accepts original hinge, latch & regulator hardware
 - Double wall posts support upper window and track.
 - Windows come blanked in and must be opened during 
 - Order Anytime, Click listing at top of page.
 - Coremat® reinforced outer skin reduces "print thru".
 - Power window kits can be used to install one piece glass.
 - Original felts can be epoxied in the door post and side track.
 - Door is supplied bare with no glass, mechanism, tracks or
Fiberglass Construction

 55-59 Wheel Well
 - Smooth gray gellcoat finish.
 - Original rib design.
 - Acid Resistant - Rust free
   fiberglass construction.

55-66 Stepside Step swb
 - Smooth gray gellcoat finish.
 - Original rib design.
 - Step comes oversized &
   requires drilling & trimming.
Detailed Glove Box  55-59 Dash blank
Features:- Smooth gray gellcoat finish.
              - Detailed glove box design.
Fenders and Steps attached Full Tailgate opening

                        55-66 Stepside Bed
Stepside Bed (Short Wheel Base Box - 114" w.b.)  
 Heavy Duty Features:
 - Bed Comes complete with fenders & steps attached - as one piece.  Ideal for customized or
   frenched in taillight applications.
 - Double panel side walls, with a smooth gray gellcoat inner and outer finish.
 - Hollow sealed stake pocket - can be opened if desired for original appearance.
 - Design for use and abuse with heavy Marine Grade PT under floor reinforcements - which can
   support the same weight load as the original bed.
 - Gellcoated Fiberglass floors - recessed 3/4" to allow for the installation of "Aftermarket" Bed
   Wood Kits.
 - Black lacquer over fiberglass texture underneath the bed floor and on the forward side of the back
Standard Floor 9" Tubbed Floor

Installed Photos

 - Tubbed bed allows for 21" clearance from tub to wheel opening flange.  This allows for 20"-21" tires.
   The distance between the tubs is 33".
 - Side flange is angled and does not have the curled design of the original bed (Due to compound
   curve & fiberglass mold limitations.)
 - Installation time (after removal of original box ) 1-2 hours.
Note: Factory installed floor braces may need to be trimmed or removed for desired fit.
 To install - simply drill thru the bed and the under floor reinforcements and thru bolt it in place with O.D washers.  It may be necessary to drill a new mounting hole through the existing frame.  Drilling - sanding and possible notching of under floor braces may be required for correct installation of your NEW and
IMPROVED, RUST FREE, DENT FREE  bed assembly.  (Ground wire required for electrical).

Cameo Package

 55-59 Cameo Bed Kit
 - Smooth grey gellcoat finish.
 - One piece construction on bedsides with taillight housing.
 - Sides bolt directly to original stepside box - without fenders.
 - Front bed block offs come separate, as shown above, and must be epoxied to the bed side for
   proper installation.
 - Tailgate skin attaches to standard steel stepside tailgate.
 - Bumper is all one piece fiberglass construction and not intended for collision.
Package includes:  2-bedsides / 2 - Block Offs / 1 - Bumper / 1 - Tailgate Skin  (Hardware &
   Lenses NOT included)

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