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Hood Information

 Heavy Duty Perimeter Frame Hood: This 73-77 Monte Carlo Cowl Induction Hood 2 inch has been manufactured as close to original factory specifications as possible. Today's advanced manufacturing techniques makes it possible to produce a straighter, more rigid part than those made in the 60's and 70's. You will also find it's fit, finish and functionality will give you what your missing for your restoration or performance project.
This hoods under support frame is about 10" wide around the perimeter of the under side of the hood. Steel inserts installed for easy installation.

 Light Weight Pin On Hood: This 73-77 Monte Carlo Cowl Induction Hood 2 inch is solely designed for applications where weight reduction is an important factor for competition and winning is the #1 goal. The light weight pin-on design does not utilize either the hinge or latch, but requires the use of fasteners on all four sides.
 Our light weight hoods will scale in a few pounds heavier than competition parts made by others, however we feel that by adding a little more material, your new hood will maintain its fit and shape  indefinitely.  


 The inner finish is black lacquer  with no cross braces to get in the way.  This hood will use the original hinge. The surface finish is a sandable gray gellcoat, allowing for easier sanding and prep work.

<< Typical Heavy Duty hood inner.

 This hood is strong, straight and professionally braced for lift off use with a 9# high density foam which is fiberglass encased to provide maximum strength and durability, for years to come. 

<< Typical Pin On hood inner.

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Ram Air Isolator Plate


 Add sealed ram air capability for a few bucks more. Many people purchase a new hood for required clearance or a cool new look. We have engineered a simple plate too make your new hood functional as well. Once installed, this plate not only directs air flow to your single 4 barrel carburetor, it also increases the rigidity of your hood.

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