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Heavy Duty Hoods & Trunks Lids 

Light Weight Hoods & Trunk Lids

Heavy Duty hoods & trunk lids are constructed by two different methods.
1)  Perimeter Frame Technology : In which the frame is about
10" wide and covers the perimeter on the under side of the hood or deck.  The inner finish is coated with black lacquer and the hoods weight approximately 30# to 50# depending on size and model.     
  Most of these hoods will use the original hinge and latch.
of the original hood - to utilize the latching assembly.
  These components can be identified by the beginning letter of their 4 letter part number begin "T" as in TCEH-11.

2)  Full Frame Technology (TECHHOODS©)
Cowl Induction Super Sport
Ram Air II GT-500
 Full Frame Technology (TECHHOODS©): The High tech design of the inner liner fully supports the outer skin, providing a show worthy inner structure which is smooth, strong and ready for prep and paint.

 The weight of these hoods is generally 40# to 60#, depending on size and model. These hoods are extremely strong and straight.  They will use the existing hinge and latch. These components can be identified by the beginning letter of their 4 letter part number begin "T" as in TCEH-11.

 Note ( The 67-81 Firebird model requires the original striker plate be removed from the original hood and reinstalled in the fiberglass model)
Light Weight hoods and trunk lids
Light Weight hoods and trunk lids are solely designed for applications where weight reduction is an important factor for competition and winning is the #1 goal.  The Pin-on design does not utilize either the hinge or latch, but requires the use of fasteners on all four side of the component.  These parts are fully braced for lift off use with a 9# high density foam.  Which is then fiberglassed over.
Most, not all,  light weight hoods weigh any where from 15# to 20# depending on size and model.  Trunk lids weigh
approximately 8# to 15# depending on size and model.
On average U.S. BODY  Light Weight components will scale in a few pounds heavier than competition parts made by others - however we feel that by adding a little more material that your parts will maintain their fit and shape  2 to 3 times longer.  
Our exclusive manufacturing techniques utilize a combination of both machine and "hand laid" materials.  This combination of mat, cloth and high density foam provides what we feel to be the strongest part available today.
Light-weight hood cut-away                                 Note; Solid foam (not cardboard) core.


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