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Heavy Duty Fenders

Light Weight Fenders

Heavy Duty Fenders are more complete than the light weight version in that this style fender weighs more and has most all of the original attaching points provided (Not pre- opened)  A hinge type hood can be used with these fenders, However we do strongly suggest a light weight fiberglass hood be used on vehicles whose hood hinges bolt directly to the inner portion of the fender. 
Steel hoods can be used with the fiberglass reproduction fenders for Ford, Chrysler and most Trucks whose hoods hinge off of the firewall or wheel well. (Not the fender).   
The inner finish of these fenders is coated with a black lacquer.  These fenders weight moderately more than the Light weight counterpart.

Light Weight fenders are designed strictly for competition use.  There are NO hood hinge provision and only a few mounting locations.  This competition type fender can only be used with a lift-off, light weight hood.
These fenders have a black lacquer inner finish and weigh approximately 10# to 15# depending on model.


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