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Heavy Duty Doors 

 Light Weight Doors

Heavy Duty doors are designed for show vehicles where original "good " condition metal parts are no longer available.   Installation is quite involved, due to the fact that none of the mounting locations or window blanks are pre-opened or pre-drilled.   
These doors DO NOT include seals, tracks or regulators ie.."guts".  Once installed these doors should provide a lifetime of show to show service without ever having to worry about rust.  Doors can weigh anywhere from 25# to 45# depending on the model.
Light weight doors are intended for serious competition use only, where winning is the #1 goal.  These doors will use your existing hinge (less detent spring) and latch.  These doors DO NOT include seals, tracks or regulators ie.."guts" & require the use of Lexan windows (Not supplied).  OD washers or a aluminum backing plate, inside of the hinge attach point is required to sandwich the door for proper pressure disbursement.  
These doors weigh approximately 15# to 25# depending on make and model - however, the majority of this weight is located in the inside panel, which can be removed and replaced with a lite sheet of aluminum, to reduce the weight.  A top window strap may also be required for safety at high speeds.


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