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       Special Order Only
42-52 Body w/Floor C.G. FFJC-19 $1699. 42-52 Body w/Floor C.G. FJC-19 $1299.
42-52 Above w/Toolbox FFJC-19T $1699. 42-52 Body No Floor C.G. FJC-18 $1299.
42-52 Stock Hood Add a new scoop
for as little as  $50 w / purchase.
FFJC-20 $ 399. 42-52 Stock Hood Add a new scoop
for as little as  $50 w / purchase.
FJC-20 $ 299.
42-52 Front Fenders pr. FFJC-21 $ 598. 42-52 Front Fenders pr. FJC-21 $ 598.
3-A Windshield Skin FFJC-3A $ 299. 3-A Windshield Skin FJC-3A $ 249.
C.G. = Closed Gate  O.G. = Open Gate

All Items are American Made Fiberglass Components. Manufactured and shipped F.O.B. Riverview Florida 33578

42-52 Stock Hood
 42-52 Stock Hood  larger pic
Installed Photos
-Smooth Grey Gellcoat finish.
-Bolts to OEM hinges.

-Uses original side catches.
 - Add a new scoop w / purchase.
 42-52 Front Fender
Installed Photos
-Full jam  and Wheel Well flanges.
-Smooth Grey Gellcoat finish.
-Can be used with steel hood.
42-52 Windshield Skin
 42-52 Windshield Skin
-All Fiberglass Construction.
-Smooth Grey Gellcoat finish.
-Rivets to existing structure.
2A-3A Tub
Heavy Floor Bracing
                                        42-52 Body w / Floor  With Closed Tailgate
 This new double wall design could be the strongest CJ body ever made.
 It features:
Installed Photos
- Order Anytime, Click listing at top of page.
- Triple reinforced floor, aluminum (not steel) reinforced firewall, door hinge, hood hinge and                 
  windshield hinge locations.

- Newly designed one piece floor - is structurally ribbed in the rear floor area.
- Double wall construction allowing for maximum box section strength and provides a smooth              
  sandable grey gellcoat finish on both inside and outside panels. 
Smooth Rear Tail Section
- All   tubs feature a large firewall drip flange and a smooth 90 roll into the wheel well.
- Under floor supports using marine grade pressure treated lumber (not Balsa wood - which is a 
  common trade practice.)

- All models are engineered to accept original OEM hardtop and doors along with most all original 

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