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66 Everything Listed Below FCBP-27 $6899. 66 Everything Below CBP-27 $3899.
66 Body w/floor & Whl. Wells FCBY-27 $5899. 66 Body no floor CBY-27 $3499.
66 Stock Hood FCBH-27 $ 589. 66 Stock Hood CBH-27 $ 389.
66 Doors pr. FCBD-27P $ 799. 66 Doors pr. CBD-27P $ 689.
66 Trunk Lid FCBT-27 $ 499. 66 Trunk Lid CBT-27 $ 299.

All Items are American Made Fiberglass Components. Manufactured and shipped F.O.B. Riverview Florida 33578

All parts sold seperate

                                         66 Body Shell - Heavy Duty     Installed Photos 
  Please Note:
We are unable to ship body shells. They must be picked up in person to avoid freight damage.
When building a project car you obviously want it
straight and rust free. This reproduction 66 Cobra has been painstakingly designed to bolt directly to a conventional Cobra frame. Our bodies are manufactured from extremely complex molds - which produces a rigid one piece unit. The body side is crisp and clean. The roof, quarters & firewall are generally stiffened with the use of internal ribbing. In addition, your all new glass body can be made heavier or lighter (within reason) depending on your application. Average body weight is only about 295+ -lbs. for the heavy duty model and 65+ -lbs. for the light weight model.
66 Cobra

Installed Photos

 As far as body work, you need to scuff off the mold flashing - block sand - prime and paint.  The great part about owning a rigid glass body - is that you'll never have to worry about rust. Once you apply your paint scheme that's it - just wash and wax.

  Installation takes time!!  Whether you are installing just the body or an entire package, the bodies must be through bolted to your original frame. 

66 Stock Hood

66 Trunk Lid

66 Stock Hood 66 Door - Hinge Type 66 Trunk Lid
Detailed inner Detailed inner

66 Trunk Lid

 66 Body Panels
 Heavy Duty Features:
 - Full inner frames - utilizes OEM hinge & latch.
 - Fully lined - smooth gellcoated inner.
 - Sandable gray gellcoated exterior finish.
 - Order Anytime, Click listing at top of page.
 - Coremat
reinforced skin aids in reduction of print-thru.

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