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                 Light Weight Bodies

If you are a racer, 1/4 mile - mud bog - or monster truck, our light weight bodies have several great advantages over steel. 

1.   First off, many of the classic bodies we produce, can no longer be found a reasonable prices.  For example - rust free Mustang fastback, Corvettes & '55-'57 Chevy's now range in price from $10 to $40K dollars.  A new fiberglass body will cost you thousands less.

2.   When building a race vehicle you obviously want it as light as possible.  So you cut out the floor pan - wheel wells & inner structure.....So as far as the body all you are left with is an overweight, floppy shell held together with old factory spot welds and body lead.  Our bodies are manufactured from extremely complex molds - which produce a rigid one piece unit.  The roof, quarters & firewall are generally stiffened with the use of internal ribbing.  In addition, your all new glass body can be made heavier or lighter (within reason) depending on your application.   Average body weight is about 100#'s

3.   As far as body work, you need to scuff off the mold flashing - block sand - prime and paint.  The great part about owning a rigid glass body - is that you'll never have to worry about rust and future body work.  Once you apply your paint scheme that's it - just wash and wax.

4.   Installation is a snap!  Whether you are installing just the body or an entire package, the bodies attach at the rocker panels, tail pan, trunk jam, door jam, and front and rear window jams.  We also offer fiberglass wheel tubs, which can be glassed directly to your new body. (This is done by the installer).

5.   The fiberglass allows you to be creative - the roof can easily be chopped and the bodies can easily be cut and sectioned for custom applications. (Done by the installer)   Door skins and front ends can be easily glassed together for a simple one piece tilt body.

6.   Lastly, the bodies are strong - straight - and reliable.  They are light weight and will improve your appearance, E.T.s and overall outlook on the vehicle.

Note:   Due to the size of our full bodies we do not ship them.  They are sold on a PICK UP ONLY basis and the customer must either Pick it up at our facilities or arrange for Pick up.

Bodies Available for:
(Not all year applications available - see parts listings)
CJ 2 - 7
'47-87 Chevy Trucks
Dodge Power Wagon
40-79 Ford Truck
41 Austin
67-73 Camaro
66-77 Chevelle
55-57 Chevrolet
427 Cobra
64 Corvette
75-81 Monza
64-68 Mustang
68-74 Nova
68-69 Roadrunner
70-77 Vega Kamback
41 Willies

Note the front end has been cut off in front of the door & is secured by Dzus fasteners.
A clean , new aluminum interior - is the hot ticket for both reduced weight & simplistic styling.
Our rigid bodies do not bow or sag and maintain their shape.  This make installation a snap.

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