Body Install - continued

Note:  Before beginning your chassis - its best to have your new body on hand, for correct placement of mounts, tire location, wheel track, etc.......
The world most famous '57 now belongs to Tony Christian.  It was originally built by Stan Shaw in 1993.  It's held many world records and has been published hundreds of times in magazines and ads, such as Weld Wheels and other Performance parts manufacturers.   After many, many years of abuse, this U.S. BODY SOURCE body still looks exceptional!



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                        Body Installation

Swapping or installing a new all glass body is a simple task.  You can use an original frame or one of those provided by the numerous chassis suppliers.  Our bodies are all manufactured close to factory specs - including wheel base - so ordering a chassis is simple.  Once your frame or chassis is bare, set the new body in position and weld your perches off of the frame. (Under rocker panel - tail panel & firewall locations.)   You may want to weld a couple of pads off of your roll cage in the trunk, door jam & window areas.  Before trimming out the blanked in front and rear windows, you can leave a small corner section of the window blank for additional mounting areas.   Note: You MUST hang the doors when you mount the body to insure correct rocker placement. These locations are well hidden  - so after a proper installation - your light weight body should look like original steel.  You will see that once you lower your original body into place - just how simple and quick a professional installation can be.  If your attitude is anything like ours you'll never think of running a floppy sheet metal shell again. 

Rear Window Mounts
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Rear Lower Mounts
Forward Upper Mounts Hood Dzus Mounts Mounted & Freshly Painted
Nice Job Charlie!

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