The quickest, permanent way to cure the DREADED 60-66 CHEVY TRUCK ROT, is to throw away your steel and start fresh with some NEW heavy duty fiberglass.  This project '66 3/4 ton was purchased for  $400. and came with a 427 cu in automatic drive line.
The cab and hardware were okay but the bed was hit in the left rear.  The hood fenders and doors had been recently repaired with what appeared to be CONCRETE (huh??) Even though primed, the aluminum grill once stripped, was in excellent condition.
To begin - the heavy steel bed was yanked off and replaced with a NEW - CLEAN - Fiberglass model, which by the way comes with a full floor!  10 holes were drilled and the bed was bolted in place.  Can you think of a quicker fix?
Next a pair of glass doors were hinged and latched and window plugs removed.  The glass doors were fitted with one piece windows along with a power assist.  Much easier than rounding up new vent window parts and pieces.
Lastly, the front end sheet metal is removed to make way for the best Pre-split Cowl Induction Tilt Front End (from  U.S. Body Source)  Our '66 is now ready for all the final touches - wheels - tires - upholstery and a fresh drive line.  WOW - what a great - straight - light weight - work truck.

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