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          Pro-Front End Installation
          Pro-Front End Installation

NOTE:  This '70 Camaro front end is a Bolt-On style Pro Front
End Our 67-8 Camaro, 78-87 Malibu and a few other Pro Front Ends are Dzus on and installation can be quite a bit more involved.

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If you really like early Camaros, but can't find one that old (that's not a rust bag)...this conversion  may be your ticket.  We started with a clean '80 Z-28 - 350 - 378 posi chassis.  we took of the nose and about 350 pounds.
Next we installed one of our heavy duty 70-73 Camaro Pro Front Ends. (part# FCAC-72)
Be sure to remove the front tires before installing the NEW front end.  To fit the new glass front end to our '80 model - the frame horn and parts of the core support had to be trimmed off a few inches.  Once drilled and bolted in place the front grill & marker holes are opened and OEM equipment is installed.
Next for the car will be a bolt on fiberglass truck lid with the '70 style spoiler.  After all OEM pieces are installed all you are left with is..........Which Hood ??????
Above - 2" Cowl Induction Hood
Above Right -  Torpedo Hood
Left - 4" Cowl Induction Hood
Right - Aero Hood
This project keeps people guessing. . . . "How did you put a large back window in that '70 Z-28?"

Tilting One Piece Front Ends is a much   more involved procedure.  Please see   our Tilt Front End Installation section for    more detailed information.

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