Warrior Package install......

The WARRIOR BODY PACKAGE is ideally suited for battered rusty vehicles.  The installer can
simply cut off all of the rust damaged sections and treat the remaining areas with under coating. 
As far as patching holes in the lower part of the body, this can easily be accomplished with a few
pieces of metal  and a pop rivet gun or sheet metal screws.  No welding, or body work experience
is necessary, because the
WARRIOR PACKAGE will cover over most of the CJs common problem
areas.  Providing a rust free fiberglass exterior with 4" tire coverage.

The most obvious feature is the WARRIORS design. It updates the bodies appearance and still
maintains the original front end look.  Unlike many flair kits, made of plastic and urethane, our hand-
laid fiberglass panels will not warp after being in the sun for years on end.   They are designed to be
extremely rigid and being as the panels are constructed from  Fiberglass they can easily be repaired
if damage occurs.  In addition  no special paint additives are required, which allows the package to
fade at the same rate of the vehicle. 

This wide body package, provides a full 4" of clearance outside the steel body.  this will cover most
34x12.5 tires avoiding the roller skate appearance, which comes along by adding large tires to an
already narrow vehicle.

Unbox                                     Predrill                                     Fit then Sand                 
Prime                                       Paint                                        Open Side Markers
Admire                                    Tape                                        Position
Install & Screw in place     Don't forget the other side!         Admire again!
Keep the mud where it belongs. . . . . . . .On the outside!
A quick fix for a sad, rusty, old, dependable, work hound.
Larger than life - (click here) - Makes a good Screen Saver   Click Here for CJ Build Up 

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