1956 X 10' 6"

This '56 Mud truck project begins with an '82 Ford 3/4 ton LWB chassis with a 428 Cobra-Jet engine.  The following photos show how to align before taking the project off to the chassis shop for proper mounting.  First of all - position the cab (part # FFTA-56) in it's approximate location and hold the front end in place.
Center the wheel wells over the tires then go back and realign the cab in its current location. You may need to use lots of wooden blocks to temporarily align the body.  To properly align the front end (part # FFTI-56)  clamp the pre-split panels to the front end and slide it back into place.  You may have to notch the cabs lower flange to get it all in place.
Next drill & bolt the pre-split panel to the cab and secure.  For the doors (part# FFTD-56) we used original '56 Ford hinges and aftermarket bear claw latches.  The rear cab flange needed to be notched to clear the door inner panel.  Worst of all, the window plugs have to be cut out.  This takes about 2 hours of grinding.
Lastly, the only bed we make long enough to fit this combination, is the 47-54 LWB CHEVY model (part# FCGB-54L).  The Bed & Fenders (part# FFTF-53) need to be hung & the whole assembly sent to the chassis shop for a cage and new body mount perches. 

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