1950 S-10 MOCK UP

After taking several measurements - this body swap appeared to be quite simple.  We started with a long wheel base 1985 S-10  - stripped off the cab, bed and front end sheet metal.
We added a set of 3 3/4" inset 10" wide Center Lines with 11" Mickey Thompsons and 7" Sportsmans for the front.  The cab was positioned and the original cab mount had to be removed to get the cab low enough on the frame to sit properly.
The front frame horns had to be trimmed off about 6" and a custom hinge had to be made because the front end now sits 4" from the ground. 
Due to the low appearance and wide tires our '47-54 Chevy Long Bed required 4" wheel tubs. 
The cab, front end and bed line up GREAT!  The engine location and suspension were perfect as is.   Due to the location of the rear end  custom length running boards have to be fabricated - by extending the length of our fiberglass short wheel base repros.  This combination makes a great reliable V-6 classic hauler which will be forever economical and rust free.

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