We picked  up this 1 ton long wheel base, 1972 GMC for a mere $75.00 - Junk Price.   The sale was forced by an upset wife - tired of looking at "that piece of  junk."   not knowing its full potential.
This project was started by marking the original cab, bed and front end locations, including height - before disassembling.  First the front end sheet metal was pulled off, then the front end wiring , steering column and then removed the cab.  It took a tractor to lift and drag off both the rusted cab and bed.  They are extremely heavy!
Time now for the new cab and fiberglass doors.  NOTE: When opening the windows we left a little of the plug to help support the post - because this project was going with a one piece power window and no vent.
Finally, It is time to hang what we were waiting for.....our extremely cool....'67 Pre-split Cowl Induction Tilt with Grill, Roll pan & Cowl area.  Installation of this front end can fully customize your '67-'72 Chevy or GMC truck in just one afternoon!  We installed the factory light bowls, lights and bezels. (NOTE: When installing this tilt font end the wiper pivot must be spaced down about 1/4" to clear the rear of the front ends hood.)
Last but not least -   and the easiest yet - is the ALL FIBERGLASS 8' FLEETSIDE BED.  With the proper drill and bolts the bed can be secured in place inside of an hour.  After all this - with the reduced weight of the body - the suspension needs to be lowered several inches.  When completed this 1 ton pick up will be sporting small block automatic with new wheels and tires. 

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