Our '57 project begins with a Blazer 6-cylinder chassis and a set of 44" Boggers on turquoise steel.
For proper tire clearance our Cameo body had to be placed way up high.
When the cab, front end and Pre-splits are hung, we noticed, for proper radiator clearance on our new big block,   the engine had to be set back an additional 5" from the stock location - this may hold true for many body/chassis swaps.
The door window plugs are removed and the doors are clamped in place and then hinged.
Our tubbed Cameo bed also requires modification.  To adjust the Cameo bed to the Blazers short wheel base - 9" had to be removed from the bed assembly to produce an extra short '57 Pick-Up.  When jigging and alignment was complete - the entire assembly was shipped off to the chassis shop to be fitted for proper body and frame mounts and for a cage to be welded in place.

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