All Fully Lined Tech-Hoods

Ram Air Isolator Plates

All Lift-Off Race Truck Hoods

 Save some bucks, and get your project under way. Get $25. off of our new fully lined Tech-Hoods designed to add new appeal to your late model car or truck. "at check out"
 Add some true ram air functionality to one of our scooped hoods with a ram-air-isolator plate, now just $89. with a hood purchase at check out.
 All our famous lift-off race weight hoods for both cars and trucks are now $25. off. With one of these slick hoods you can get the clearance you've been looking for and loose weight in the process.

Truck Drag Packs are $350 off at check out!

Drag Packs Feature: Cab, Doors Front End and Bedsides. '56 Ford cab shown.

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Quickly shed a massive amount of body weight.

Reinforced roof & jams.

Our bodies are manufactured from extremely complex molds - which produce a rigid one piece unit. The roof, quarters & firewall are stiffened with the use of internal ribbing.  Average body weight is only about 120+- #'s.


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