WHAT A MESS!!   Most people would take one look at this 1962 Chevy and send it straight to the crusher.  But for $125.00 we found it to be a perfect project vehicle.  The frame was in great condition with a 373 posi track rear-end.  The drive line was missing but the truck was complete with all hinges, latches, handles, steering and wiring.
To begin....We pulled off the old steel bed and realized we could get away with 12 X 15 rims with a 9" inset &  14" wide Mickey Thompsons by simply changing the springs to coil overs.  Because of the huge rubbers, we went with the US BODY SOURCE tubbed bed (part # FCGB-55T).  Pretty Cool HUH???!!!  28" of rubber inside the wheel well with a stock rear end.   To install the bed - its cross bracing needed to be notched in five locations.
Next the completely rotted doors were pulled off and the new ones (part# FCGD-60) were hung in place with new stainless 5/16" bolts.
Then the rotted front end sheet metal was pulled off to make way for the 60-61 Presplit Tilt Front End (part# FCGI-60P).  The lower pre-split panels were easily bolted in place and the front end was notched at the frame rail location - hung - and  hinged.  The the trim for the front end was fitted.
After properly fitting all of the panels the next steps are to strip everything off - sand blast the frame - add horse power - upholstery - and suspension work....What a Neat Street Truck.  One of a Kind and now at least 80% Rust Free.

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